Jim Acosta Yells Impeachment Question Following Trump Press Conference

Daily Caller edit. CNN screenshots

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta once shouted questions at President Donald Trump as he left the stage following a press conference Wednesday.

As Trump closed the conference and headed off stage, Acosta could heard in the background shouting questions. His exact words were not audible.

During a follow up appearance on CNN, he told Wolf Blitzer, “The president never really asked — or answered the question. I tried to ask the question as he was walking out of the room, what did he mean by ‘can you do us a favor’ and he never explained what he was talking about with respect to that question.”

“And I think what you saw during this press conference is that the president is really just stewing with anger over all of this,” Acosta said. “He feels frustrated that the press largely overlooked what he did at the United Nations general assembly but, once again I think that responsibility lays at the president’s feet.”

“I mean, this was something that they were stonewalling Congress on a week ago and then as soon as the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw down the gauntlet and threatened impeachment, all of a sudden transcripts are being offered, and now the whistle-blower complaint,” he added.

The CNN correspondent also shouted at Trump last month as he walked off stage after the G7 summit.

In a video uncovered by The Daily Caller this week, Acosta referred to America as a “vicious” and “nasty” country.

Trump released a transcript Wednesday of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky following furor over a whistleblower complaint about him allegedly trying to pressure Zelensky to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden. (RELATED: What Is The Process For Impeaching A President?)