‘I’m Not Worried’: Donald Trump Jr. Puts Kentucky Race In Perspective For GOP

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Donald Trump Jr. explained why he is “not worried” about what the likely loss of a Republican-held gubernatorial seat in Kentucky could mean for GOP prospects going forward.

Appearing on Tuesday night’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Trump Jr. was asked by Fox News host Laura Ingraham about the media portraying the potential defeat as a loss for President Donald Trump, who had just campaigned for Governor Matt Bevin and others down the ticket in the Bluegrass State.

While Democrat Andy Beshear has claimed victory in the race with an over 5,000 vote lead, Bevin hasn’t conceded as of this writing.


“Bevin was the most unpopular governor in the country,” Ingraham said. “He was once down 20 points, and now it’s still too close to call, 49% versus 49%. He ran against a family that’s legendary, the Beshear family, of course, in Kentucky. So what is your response?”

“It’s the sound bytes that we’re so used to,” said Trump Jr. “I mean, any opportunity to try to take a swipe. They don’t talk about the rest of the Republican ticket sweeping. They don’t talk about the first African-American Attorney General, who happens to be a Republican, elected [referring to Daniel Cameron’s dominating victory to replace Beshear at the Kentucky AG spot]. They don’t mention Trump helped propel those guys to those places.”

The president’s son said that while Bevin has been a friend and is “a good guy,” nevertheless “he has picked a lot of battles” in the state. (RELATED: ‘I Wish My Name Was Hunter Biden’: Donald Trump Jr. Has A Theory On How To Give ‘Fake News Media’ An ‘Aneurysm’)

“He’s teed off on a lot of people in Kentucky,” he said. “That’s not always popular. We understand how that works.”

Trump Jr. noted that the same media also called former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi an “austere religious scholar.”

“I’m not worried about that as a race,” he concluded. “I would love to see another governor, and I think those are important. Like I said, I think he has done a good job, but Matt Bevin has picked some fights. Again, this has nothing to do with Trump. They swept the rest of the ticket, did great in Mississippi …”