Joy Behar Claims McConnell Doesn’t Want The Truth: ‘He Knows That Trump Is Guilty’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar claimed Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t actually want the truth to come out because “he knows Trump is guilty.”

Behar was responding to the news that McConnell had denied requests from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for additional witnesses to testify before the Senate if the House votes to adopt the drafted Articles of Impeachment.


The topic came up as part of a discussion about voting for or against impeachment and whether that would be reflective of House members voting with their party or their conscience. (RELATED: ‘I Think It Gets Them Hot’: Joy Behar Says Kellyanne And George Conway Feud For Show)

Sunny Hostin said that it should be about conscience. “My point is rather than vote just solely with party, I do think that you have to vote your conscience and you have to vote in terms of the Constitution. That’s the oath that you take,” she said.

Abby Huntsman agreed, but suggested that the issue still wasn’t as clear cut as some were making it out to be. “And I agree with that. I totally agree with that,” she said. “The only point I was making was someone like — this is how I feel about it and I think Will Hurd represents exactly where I am, someone who’s not running again, who says, ‘I find what he did abhorrent but I need more for impeachment. I need you to lay out exactly what illegally was done.’ He was saying it’s bigger than Trump. This is about our country.”

“Will Hurd said I needed to see more evidence, I needed to hear from Giuliani but the White House is keeping those folks from coming forward,” Hostin replied.

“He’s the one person I’d love to hear from,” Hunstman concurred.

“Mitch McConnell does not want the truth to come out because he knows that Trump is guilty,” Joy Behar interrupted. “He knows.”