‘You’re Telling Me What I Am’: Sunny Hostin Spars With Joy Behar Over Being ‘Pro-Life’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” cohosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar got into a minor scuffle during Wednesday’s show when Hostin claimed that she identified as “pro-life.”


Hostin was responding to a recent poll that suggested African American voters were more likely to identify as moderates or more conservative Democrats than as “far left” liberals. (RELATED: ‘I Was Laughing My A** Off’: Meghan McCain Mocks ‘Garbage’ NYT For Double Endorsement)

Hostin said that she was not at all surprised at the poll results, adding, “I’m often shocked when I get all these tweets and emails calling me this lefty crazy liberal and lefty, lefty, and I’m like, so you’re calling a former federal prosecutor who was tough on crime who was raised Roman Catholic a lefty?”

She went on to say that she was far more conservative with regard to social issues. “I’m pro-life, have always been and say it all the time,” she continued.

“We disagree with you when you say you’re pro-life because you’re really not,” Behar argued. (RELATED: Joy Behar Blames Trump For Racial Division, Cites Two Fake Stories To Prove Her Point)

“See, you’re telling me what I am,” Hostin shot back.

“If you’re ‘pro-life’ you don’t want anyone to have an abortion,” Behar explained.

“I don’t, but I also believe in the fundamental ideals of this country,” Hostin clarified. “I don’t tell other people what to think or what to do.”

“That’s pro-choice,” Behar said. “That’s my point.”