Rapper Reportedly Locked Out Of Twitter Following Report By Trans Activist


Kyle Hooten Contributor
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Christian rapper Zuby appears to be locked out of his Twitter account after the “Pronoun Enforcer” reported him for saying “Ok dude.”

Zuby notified his followers that he was locked out of his Twitter account via an Instagram post Wednesday night, apparently because he tweeted “Ok dude.” Shortly after this, transgender woman and left-wing activist Emily Gorcenski, who goes by “Pronoun Enforcer” on Twitter, posted a screenshot claiming responsibility for Zuby’s ban.

While it is unclear who exactly Zuby’s “Ok dude” comment was in response to, conservative commentator Robby Starbuck claims the remark was directed at a person claiming to sleep with more women than the rapper. (RELATED: Female Prisoner Raped By Trans Inmate)

While Zuby’s account is still online, he hasn’t tweeted since he announced the lock out, suggesting that he may still be unable to access the platform.

This is not the first time Zuby has found himself involved in controversy surrounding gender issues. He frequently critiques transgender athletes and drag queen story hours.