Senior Advisor To Anti-Trump Super PAC The Lincoln Project Calls Trump ‘Retarded’

Screenshot/Facebook/Greg Price/11:15 p.m.

Greg Price Contributor
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Sophia Nelson, a senior advisor to The Lincoln Project and “frequent CNN pundit,” responded to a tweet from Rick Wilson criticizing President Donald Trump for his early response to the coronavirus pandemic by calling the president “retarded.”

Screenshot Twitter (@IAmSophiaNelson)

Screenshot Twitter (@IAmSophiaNelson)

Nelson, a former Republican and self described “award-winning journalist,” later deleted the tweet after a swift bipartisan backlash.

The Lincoln Project is an anti-Trump Republican super PAC formed by George Conway, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson. It is dedicated to “defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.”

Republican North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer came under fire last week after he responded “she’s retarded” to a clip of Speaker Nancy Pelosi posted on Twitter by the Daily Caller. He quickly apologized and attributed it to a typo, saying he meant to write “she’s ridiculous.”

The Lincoln Project’s official Twitter account slammed Cramer for using the word, calling it “beyond reprehensible” and encouraged their followers to call his office and “tell him what you think.”

The Lincoln Project has not responded to a request for comment.