New York COVID-19 Survivor Shares His Story

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Recovering COVID-19 victim David Lat joined Daily Caller White House correspondent Maranda Finney to discuss his experience in coming down with the virus in the U.S. coronavirus hub, New York City.

David Lat, who is a lawyer, said he experienced symptoms of the virus in early March but it took several attempts and negative cold and flu tests for him to finally get the notoriously backlogged COVID-19 test. Before his test results came back positive, Lat was admitted to the hospital for his worsening symptoms. Check out what he had to say about his treatment process for COVID-19 and recovery in the video below. (RELATED: Financial Expert Chris Hogan Gives Tips To Families Amid Coronavirus Panic)

“When I was admitted, I think they had one or two floors devoted to COVID-19 patients. When I left I think they had around 7. I was lucky though, when I was placed on the ventilator, I was told there was still other ventilators left,” Lat said. He also expressed that he would have felt bad if he had been using a ventilator that was needed for other patients.

When asked about the advice he’d give to others that might not be taken this as seriously, Lat said, “this is to be taken very, very seriously. Even if you think you’re overall a very healthy person … but I have this one thing, exercise-induced asthma, that I think did make me more vulnerable to respiratory problems associated with COVID-19.”

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