Joe Biden Asks A Surprised Al Gore If There’s Still Time To ‘Aggress The Climate Change’

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Joe Biden

William Davis Contributor
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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made another gaffe Wednesday when he asked his fellow former Vice President Al Gore if there was still time for the U.S. to “agress the climate change.”

“We don’t organize the world. Who organizes it?” Biden said during a virtual climate change town Tuesday. (RELATED: Biden Appears To Forget What He’s Talking About During CNN Interview)

“Anyway, look, one more question here,” Biden continued. “Is it too late to aggress the climate change in a meaningful way?”

Gore appeared to raise his eyebrows as Biden butchered the question.

The 2000 Democratic presidential nominee and climate activist also took the opportunity during the town hall to emphasize his endorsement of Biden. (RELATED: Poll: More Americans Trust Trump Than Biden To Manage Coronavirus Crisis. Obama Trusted The Most)

“I’m so excited and optimistic about this campaign, Joe,” Gore said. “If there is anyone out there who has any doubt whatsoever about the choice to be made in this election. It is simple. It is not complicated. It is clear cut. Vote for Joe Biden. Vote against Donald Trump. Put us on the road to solving climate crisis and creating a brighter future.”