Trump Rips Washington Post Reporter Philip Rucker: ‘I’m The President And You’re Fake News’

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William Davis Contributor
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President Donald Trump ripped Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker on Thursday after Rucker questioned the president about encouraging people to go outside.

After the White House released a study showing that warm weather and sunlight can significantly reduce the risk of the coronavirus, Rucker asked the president if it was “dangerous” for him to encourage people to go outside. (RELATED: Democrats Plan To Censure Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett Who Credited Trump With Saving Her Life)

“Here we go. The new headline is Trump asks people to go outside, that’s dangerous,” the president said. “I hope people enjoy the sun, and if it has an impact, that’s great.”

When Rucker persisted with his line of questioning, Trump responded by calling him “fake news.” (RELATED: Joe Biden Looks Down At Notes During Live MSNBC Interview)

“Hey Phil, I’m the president and you’re fake news,” the president said.


Trump continued to chastise Rucker, calling him a “total faker.”

“I know you well. I know you well, because I know the guy. I see what he writes. He’s a total faker,” Trump added.