Michigan Pilot Gives Gretchen Whitmer A Literal “F U” Over State Lockdown

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

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A Michigan pilot let Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and the rest of the country, know in no uncertain terms how he feels about her state lockdown orders.

45-year-old Ed Frederick took an hour or so to chart a flight path over the Grand Rapids area that spelled out the letters “F U,” concluding in an “arrow pointing directly over the governor’s mansion,” the New York Post reported.

Motivated by Whitmer’s “draconian” lockdown extension through almost the end of May, Frederick called her actions a “power trip.”

“The government, no matter Democrats or Republicans, always seem like they’re trying to do something just to prove they’re doing something, without weighing the ramifications,” the small business owner told the Post, emphasizing that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic hasn’t “been an issue for a lot of people in the rural counties.”

“[Whitmer] says this is for the safety of Michigan, but I think it’s for the safety of her keeping her votes, because the southeast is highly democratic,” the pilot continued, according to the Post. “I don’t need the government to wipe my tushie every two minutes. Let me know what the problems are going to be and let me know what the ramifications are; I’m responsible for myself.” (RELATED: ‘Gretchen Whitmer Is A Ghoul’: Tucker Wonders Why ‘People Rotting In Wheelchairs’ Is Allowed But Abortion Is ‘Essential’)

While the Michigan governor continues to enjoy a high approval rating in the state, unrest is becoming increasingly vocal. On Thursday several hundred protesters stormed the state capitol in Lansing to express their frustration at the measures.