Bodyguard Steve Stanulis Calls Kanye West One Of His ‘Least Favorite People’ To Work With

(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren)

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Kanye West’s former bodyguard claimed the rapper is his “least favorite” person to work with.

Bodyguard Steve Stanulis talked about his experience working with West during Tuesday’s episode of the podcast Hollywood Raw.

The former NYPD cop recalled one time that West got lost looking for his room at the Waldorf hotel after a night of drinking.

“We were coming home late from the studio and he was a little intoxicated,” Stanulis claimed. “He couldn’t find his room.”

West accidentally wandered into a room where an Italian dignitary was staying and Stanulis claimed the “bodyguards, private security [stood] up. They didn’t know who [West] was. There was a language barrier. It was like a Mexican standoff.” (RELATED: Kanye West Says Democrats Are ‘Making’ Black People ‘Abort Our Children’)

Stanulis also claimed West was the “neediest, moodiest and worst tipper” of all of his clients.

“Kanye has ridiculous rules,” Stanulis said. Stanulis was allegedly required to stay ten paces behind the rapper at all times.

Are we supposed to be surprised about any of this information? West is such a weird guy. If you’ve watched any of the episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that wife Kim Kardashian got him to appear in, you’d know that.

As for the story about stumbling into the wrong room while drunk, that seems like something that could happen to literally anybody.