Reddit Thread Asks College Football Fans ‘What’s The Most Gratification’ They’ve Had After A Loss

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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An interesting Reddit thread is asking college football fans about the most gratification they’ve had after a loss.

Yes, Reddit is currently debating what is the most gratifying college football loss! You read that correctly. The “What’s the most gratification you’ve felt after your team lost?” thread currently has an absurd amount of comments embracing and engaging in debate about satisfaction and gratification after a loss. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

What’s the most gratification you’ve felt after your team lost? from CFB

Let me go ahead and end this debate right on the spot. You’re a clown if you’ve ever felt gratified after a loss.

There are no such things as moral victories. Those were made up by losers who aren’t good enough to win on the actual field.

If you’ve ever felt good about a loss, then you’re a loser. Now, it’s okay to lose and feel like you did better than you anticipated. However, that’s a hell of a lot different than gratification.

Imagine if one of your boys came back from the bars and told you about how gratified he was after a woman didn’t have sex with him.

You’d laugh in his face and rightfully so.

I expect to win every single time I take the field. Wisconsin will play anyone, anywhere and at any time and I expect to win. It’s that simple.

I’m 28, and I’ve never once in my life felt gratification after a loss. I’ve felt a lot of joy after big wins, but I refuse to tolerate losing.

If you are happy after a loss, then you never expected to win in the first place. That’s an attitude and mentality that I simply can’t accept.

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So, in short, I’ve never felt gratification after a loss, and the day I do is the day I stop being a fan.

When you ride with me, then you ride with the intent of winning at any and all costs. That’s what being a Wisconsin man is all about!