Ron Rivera Doesn’t Completely Rule Out The Redskins Signing Antonio Brown

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington Redskins coach Ron Rivera sounds like he’s not 100% against signing Antonio Brown.

Brown hasn’t played a snap of NFL football since the New England Patriots showed him the exit, and his life has hit a low point when he was hit with multiple criminal charges after allegedly attacking a moving truck driver. Despite that, he’s still training, and Rivera doesn’t sound like he’s completely ruled him out as an option. He just wants to see other guys put in some work first. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Rivera told the media the following in part when asked Wednesday about potentially signing Antonio Brown, according to ProFootballTalk:

I know who Antonio Brown is. I know he is a great player and an impact guy. He is also a veteran guy and we have some guys that we have to find out about. That is the approach. We want to see what we have. If we were able to go through OTAs and minicamp, we would’ve been able to judge that and say, ‘Hey, we need to get a guy at this position or we need a guy at that position.’ These guys aren’t really coming along how we want them to, let’s pull the trigger and bring a guy into our organization.

I’m honestly not sure Rivera could have been more vague if he tried. It sounds like he’s saying they’re going to give the young guys a look first.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Young guys are hungry and most importantly, they’re cheap. However, Rivera should have just shut the door on this speculation.


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Antonio Brown has absolutely no business playing in the NFL. The dude has thrown away every chance he’s received over the past year.

He’s an absolute cancer on the league and the last thing Roger Goodell and the NFL needs is for Brown to be back in the spotlight behaving like an idiot.

Playing in the NFL isn’t a right. It’s a privilege, and he lost that a long time ago with his behavior. The Redskins are already a circus and they’re trying to rebuild.


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The last thing they need is Antonio Brown getting involved.