Poll: Patriotism In The US Falls To Record Low, Less Than Half Polled ‘Extremely Proud’ To Be American

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Steve Nesius)

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The percentage of Americans who feel pride in their country has reportedly fallen to record lows amid the coronavirus pandemic and protests following the death of George Floyd.

Just 42% of adults in the U.S. are “extremely proud” to be American, according to a poll published Monday by Gallup, while only 21% of U.S. adults are “very proud” to be Americans. Both numbers are at their lowest since Gallup began asking the question in 2001.

Gallup also reported a nine-point decline in the percentage of Republicans who said they are “extremely proud” to be American. (RELATED: Poll: 55% Of Democrats Support Defunding The Police)

The poll also found a significant generational gap between those who are “extremely proud” to be American and those who are not. Just 20% of 18-29 year-olds are “extremely proud” to be American, compared to 42% of those aged 20-49, 48% of those aged 50-64 and 53% of senior citizens. (RELATED: Andrew Cuomo Defends Christopher Columbus Statue, Says It Represents ‘Italian-American Legacy’)

This polling comes amid a pandemic and global civil unrest. Over 100,000 Americans have reportedly died due to coronavirus complications over the past few months and tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs as the result of lockdown measures.

Additionally, large protests have been ongoing and nationwide after video surfaced of four Minnesota police officers pinning Floyd to the ground shortly before his death. Some of the protests have turned violent, causing the death of at least 15 people.