Ryan Reynolds Is Offering A $5,000 Reward For A Woman’s Missing Teddy Bear For A Special Reason

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

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Actor Ryan Reynolds is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone finds a woman’s missing teddy bear .

Reynolds took notice of a story about Canada native Mara Soriano and her missing teddy bear. The teddy bear was stolen along with a backpack and other electronic items. Soriano wants the teddy bear back because it contains the last recording of her mother’s voice.

“Vancouver: $5,000 to anyone who returns this bear to Mara,” Reynolds tweeted Saturday. “Zero questions asked. I think we all need this bear to come home.”

Soriano’s mother died of cancer in June of 2019. She was 53 at the time of her death, per the CBC. (RELATED: Ryan Reynolds’ New Movie About Time-Travel Will Be On Netflix)

“It just makes me feel devastated,” Soriano told the CBC. “I’m absolutely crushed.”

“She said that she loved me and she was proud of me and that she’ll always be with me,” Soriano added.

Reynolds proves yet again that he is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities to ever exist. He’s proven time and time again that he really cares for his fans and really wants to help out anyone in need.

I really hope Soriano finds that teddy bear. I would be absolutely devastated if I lost something that special. I would return that teddy bear in a heart beat regardless of any reward money.