Alliance Defending Freedom Lawyer Reacts To Pro-Life Students Getting Arrested

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Denise Harle, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about pro-life activists being arrested in Washington, D.C., First Amendment violations and more.

Two pro-life activists were arrested for protesting outside of Planned Parenthood in Washington, D.C., on August 1. The teens, who are members of the Students for Life of America, were writing pro-life messages in chalk on the sidewalk.

“Students for Life of America, as part of its ministry, does sidewalk chalk in Washington, D.C. on Saturdays,” Harle said. “It’s done this most Saturdays throughout the year. But last Saturday when Students for Life showed up, they were told by police officers that not only could they not chalk but that they would be arrested if they engaged in this speech, which under the First Amendment is unconstitutional.”

Harle emphasized how the “First Amendment protects people of all beliefs, not just those who government officials agree with. The government can’t exclude pro-life individuals exercising their freedoms and peacefully sharing their views.”

“For the government to target pro-life views is unconstitutional and I think Students for Life has a very strong case,” Harle said.

Harle also discussed what viewpoint discrimination is, contradictions with the Black Lives Matter movement and more. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrats Ignoring Antifa Anarchy In Portland)


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