‘This Race Resets’: Ari Fleischer Describes ‘What The Democrats Have To Fear’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer described a scenario where the presidential race could reset during a Monday night segment on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

While President Donald Trump has narrowed the former double-digit gap between himself and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, he still trails in key battleground states and is currently a betting underdog to win a second term.

However, Fleischer told host Sean Hannity that “Democrats have to fear” a continued decline of coronavirus and “public safety” becoming a major issue in the race as lawless riots and looting continue in major U.S. cities.


“Here’s what the Democrats have to fear,” said Fleischer. “If the cases of corona continue to go down the way they have – They spiked on July 17 at 75,000. Today they were less than 50,000. They dropped by 33%. If that trend continues, and corona is no longer the front and center worry that the American people have and the president’s numbers start to move up on handling it, this race resets.”

“If the issue is public safety, if the issue is their cities are burning, people are rioting, you can’t shop, you’re not safe, moms aren’t safe, that turns the race around and the president already has the advantage on the economy,” he continued. “Those two issues alone can win this election for Donald Trump.”

Fleischer advised that Trump should “keep his foot on the gas on corona” through August. (RELATED: Real Clear Politics Co-Founder: Pollster Says ‘Shy Trump Effect’ Higher Than 2016)

“Do not let up on the gas,” he said. “Continue to show what you’re doing as president about corona and do it every day.”