Bill Maher Worried Biden Isn’t ‘Comfortably Ahead’ In Race

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HBO host Bill Maher seemed worried that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden isn’t “comfortably ahead” in the race against President Donald Trump.

“Biden’s ahead, but he’s not, to my view, comfortably ahead. Not for my comfort,” Maher told a Friday night “Real Time” panel comprised of former Democratic presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg, The Hill reported. “I mean, Hillary (Clinton) was ahead by more at some point. And I just got to ask: What is your party doing against this walking disaster (Trump) that you can’t close the gap better than that?”

“Republicans never had a plan for health care. Still don’t,” he continued, discussing the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. “What do you think it is that keeps Republicans so close to a party like that?”

“The policies of this administration were a disaster, the leadership of this administration is a disaster, we know that,” Buttigieg told Maher, according to The Hill. “But still, I think there are a lot of folks who heard a message — fraudulent though it was, a message that here’s somebody who sees you and cares about you. Now’s our chance to change that.” (RELATED: ‘This Race Resets’: Ari Fleischer Describes ‘What The Democrats Have To Fear’)

While Biden has been consistently ahead of Trump, often by double digits, in most summer polling as coronavirus continues to hit hot spots across the nation, the president has narrowed the gap of late to inside double digits and sometimes within the margin of error in some battleground states.

The above portion wasn’t included in HBO’s YouTube clip of the panel discussion, but the network did post a clip that included Buttigieg explaining why he believes the electoral college should be abolished.