Pick-Up Truck Driver Attacked In Portland Speaks Out: ‘They’re Exhibiting The Same Behavior They’re Trying To Stop’

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The pick-up truck driver caught on video being beaten in Portland last week spoke out about his experience on Fox News’ “Watters World” on Saturday.

Adam Haner described suffering black eyes, head lacerations, and injuries to his ribs and legs last Sunday when he was dragged from his truck and beaten to the ground by demonstrators.

Marquise Love, 25, was arrested Friday and charged with felonious assault, riot participation, and coercion. Love can be seen on video punching Haner several times in the head, then later kicking his head from behind.


“I warned everyone to get out of my way when I did start my truck,” Haner told host Jesse Watters. “I’d been down there long enough. They knew when my truck started, to get out of the way. I was down there for a lengthy amount of time. I managed not to hurt anyone while I was down there, but myself, evidently. I can’t say the same for them.”

Haner told Watters he and his girlfriend, Tammie Martin, had attempted to help a woman they saw being robbed. Both criticized Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for the estimated “10 minutes” it took for police to respond to the incident.

“Kind of a long response time for my issue down there,” Haner said.

“I thought that’s what they were down there trying to fight, was this kind of behavior toward them, but they’re exhibiting the same behavior that they’re trying to stop,” he concluded. (RELATED: Former Navy SEAL Tells Tucker What To Do If You Find Yourself ‘Surrounded By A Mob’)

“It’s just mayhem out there,” added Watters. “And no one is safe, and this is the result of people defunding police, bashing police, and not using police effectively. And this is going to happen again sadly as this kind of stuff continues.”