‘How Dare You’: Leo Terrell Blasts Juan Williams For Op-Ed Criticizing Black RNC Speakers

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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell ripped Fox News contributor Juan Williams for an op-ed Monday that criticized black Republican National Convention speakers.

Williams contended in a Monday op-ed for The Hill that black voices were featured at the RNC in order to “get white, suburban women to stop seeing Trump as a racist” and to “tell Trump’s heavily white, male base of voters that they are not racist for backing Trump and America is not a racist country.”

“So why, then, did the Trump campaign spend so much convention time having black faces lead a ‘gaslight’ crusade to create an alternate reality in which Trump is a man intent on healing racial wounds?” Williams wrote. “Well, it is a mistake to think those black faces on the convention stage were speaking to black people. They were on stage to speak to white women in the suburbs and white men in Trump’s base.”

Terrell, a former Democrat who is now an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, called the article “one of the most untruthful opinion pieces ever written” in a Monday evening tweet.

“How dare you question the motives of Blacks supporting Trump,” Terrell declared. “You are entitled to your worthless opinion.”

Black supporters of President Donald Trump prominently featured at last week’s convention included former NFL player and college football legend Herschel Walker, Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, White House staffer Ja’Ron Smith, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and several others. (RELATED: MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Calls Black RNC Speakers A ‘Modern-Day Minstrel Show’)

“The op-ed insults Black Trump supporters because it implies they were brainwashed and used by the Republican Party,” Terrell told the Daily Caller. “For example, Herschel Walker’s heartwarming story about his friendship with Trump DOES NOT fit the Democratic narrative that the President is a racist. Juan’s article was very disappointing and was written out of the 1960’s playbook.”