Nevada Congressional Candidate Parodies ‘The Hangover’ And Features A Live Tiger In Wild New Ad

(Screenshot/Twitter: Public User @danrodimer)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Nevada congressional candidate Dan Rodimer left the wrestling wring and promised to “knock some common sense into Washington” in a wild new ad.

Rodimer, a former WWE wrestler better known as “Big Dan,” began by comparing the results of years of Democratic policies to a hangover — and promised to change things in an ad that featured both a live chicken and a live tiger. (RELATED: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome Support Group’: House Candidate For Pennsylvania Comes Out Shooting In New Ad)


In the ad, Rodimer woke up “hung over” in a room full of empty liquor bottles sporting labels such as “riots and looting,” “defund the police,” “war on small businesses” and “socialism.”

“What happened, America? How did we get here? What has our government gotten us into?” Rodimer asked in the ad. “This is terrifying. America is hungover from Democrat policies.”

“I used to take on heavyweights in the ring,” Rodimer continued as he walked out onto the streets of Las Vegas. “Now I’m ready to knock some common sense into Washington.”

Rodimer went on to criticize politicians for allowing casinos to open while preventing people from attending church services, and for allowing larger hotels to open their doors while small businesses continued to be crushed by excessive regulations.

“It’s dirty politicians who get to determine what’s essential and what isn’t,” he added.

He then accused his opponent, incumbent Democratic Nevada Rep. Susie Lee, of voting for millions to bail out her own casino, calling her a “cheap knock-off version of Nancy Pelosi.”

“I’m going to fight for my family like I’m going to fight for your family,” Rodimer concluded, shouting, “God bless Nevada, and God bless America!”

Rodimer has been endorsed by local law enforcement and by President Donald Trump.