Herschel Walker: ‘I Totally Dispute That’ Joe Biden Made Criminal Justice System Fairer For Black Americans

Fox News

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Football great Herschel Walker said Friday that as a black American he can “totally dispute” that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made the justice system “more fair and decent.”

“I totally dispute that, because he had 47 years to make it more fair, why hasn’t he made it fair?” Walker asked during an interview on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” “Being an African-American, we’ve been promised things for years, that’s what I want people to wake up for.”

“We’ve been promised things for years that have fallen short. So now we are going to give him a chance to get it correct today … We need to wake up. I’m not sure what he is going to do but he’s not really telling the truth right now because he’s had 47 years to correct it.” (RELATED: Alveda King: Joe Biden Has Put ‘Our People In Jail’ And Said ‘Our Young Men Were Predators)

Walker said Biden’s response to a black voter at Thursday night’s town hall who asked how the former vice president could relate to black people was “insulting, very insulting” because “he didn’t answer the question” and claimed to improve the criminal justice system for the black community.

Biden has previously suggested that black voters who don’t support him “ain’t black.”

“Let’s look at his record. I looked this up … and since 1976, almost every crime deal that’s been written, Biden has some affiliation with it,” Walker claimed, noting that Biden referred to a Clinton-era crime bill in his answer but didn’t claim ownership of it.

As the senior senator from Delaware, Biden was the author of the 1994 “three strikes” crime bill. The legislation increased the penal population while critics have said it affected minorities disproportionately.

“No, Biden, you had something to do with that. So I think the American people need to know the truth and that’s all he talks about, knowing the truth … What’s going on right now is people need to vote for this country and to vote for this country, you have to vote for President Trump.”

Walker suggested Trump has actually delivered for black Americans. “Wake up, America. Prison reform was done by Donald Trump,” he said, noting the president’s support for historical black colleges. Black unemployment had also reached historic lows before the coronavirus tanked the world economy. (RELATED: ‘I Will Take The Devil I Know’: Black Entertainment TV Founder Suggests He’s Sticking With Trump In 2020)

Imagining a second term for Donald Trump, Walker reiterated his support for the president’s “Black America Plan” and suggested he “go ahead and invest the $500 billion in African-American communities, where you empower the African-Americans. You don’t give them things, where you’re giving them fish; you teach them to fish.”

Biden continues to dominate the presidential polls, leading Trump by over 10 points nationwide and 7.3 points in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, according to a recent survey from FiveThirtyEight.