Flight Attendant Ranks Celebrities She’s Interacted With From Meanest To Nicest

(Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images) (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for DKNY)

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A flight attendant ranked the celebrities she’s interacted with from meanest to nicest in a viral TikTok video.

Cindy, known as @SinCindy on TikTok, ranked the celebrities based on her interactions with them as customers, according to an article published Friday by Fox News. Celebrities among her list included Kendall Jenner, Chris Hemsworth, Nicki Minaj and Cameron Dallas.

Jenner received a 2/10 ranking because she was “arrogant.” (RELATED: Kendall Jenner Debuts Blonde Hair At London Fashion Week)

“Every time she flew out, she was not really friendly to anybody and walked around really arrogant,” Cindy said about Jenner, the outlet reported.

I kind of can understand why Jenner would walk around and be perceived as “arrogant.” She probably really didn’t want to be recognized. Jenner has 140 million followers on Instagram. There’s no way she wouldn’t be recognized by someone. So, I totally get it if she doesn’t want people to see her.

Minaj allegedly “wouldn’t get off the aircraft until everybody else got off,” according to the flight attendant and that’s why she was given a 2/10 as well.

Dallas was given a 2/10 for running late to his flight, Fox News reported.

Hemsworth was reportedly an angel. He received a 10/10 for being “always polite” and “on a first-name basis” with other staff.

Jeffree Starr, Bad Bunny and Orlando Bloom also received 10/10 scores.

I think airport interactions are a weird way to rank people as nice or mean. The airport is kind of its own separate world. The rules are so different than societal rules in real life.