Matthew McConaughey Stopped Talking With His Mother Because She Leaked Details About His Life

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Matthew McConaughey stopped speaking to his mother for a long time because she leaked private details about his life.

During a recent conversation with Howard Stern, the legendary “True Detective” actor revealed that he cut off communication for about eight years because his mother Kay would talk to the media about private conversations. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“Most of the woman who was on the phone was a fan of my fame. So, I would have conversations, and all of a sudden, whoop, what we talked about shows up in the paper three days later,” McConaughey explained to Stern. You can watch his full comments below.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for people who get very famous and very rich quickly to deal with their family and friends in the same manner as they always have.

The reality of the situation is that you as an individual might be prepared for fame, and your family members might not be prepared to handle that at all.

Judging from McConaughey’s comments it sounds like that’s the situation he found himself in with his mother.


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More than anything, it’s just incredibly sad that he couldn’t trust his own mother to keep things private. I would be incredibly pissed off if I told a family member something and then read about the comments in the press.

McConaughey eventually forgave his mother, and they mended the relationship. He’s a better man than I am because I’m not sure I could do the same.


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Props to McConaughey for being incredibly open and honest about the situations he’s found himself in during his life. It’s just the latest example that he’s the most authentic man in Hollywood.