‘Undoing’ Star Matilda De Angelis Says She ‘Loved’ Kissing Nicole Kidman

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Actress Matilda De Angelis admitted she considers her on-screen kiss with Nicole Kidman in “The Undoing” as her “first kiss.”

De Angelis, who has gone semi-viral since her role in the new HBO series, kissed Kidman in one scene and stood in front of her nude in another. De Angelis told Interview Magazine that she “loved” kissing Kidman.

“I loved it,” De Angelis told the outlet. “I was so proud! I immediately told all my friends about it. I think of it as my first kiss.” (RELATED: You Can Rent The Beach House From ‘The Undoing’ On Airbnb For A Pretty Cheap Price)

“I’ve been in love with her basically all my life, and on the day I was supposed to meet her, and when she arrived – she doesn’t walk, she floats on the air like an angel – I was just struck by how beautiful and charming she was,” the actress told Interview Magazine.

De Angelis also told the outlet that she felt there were no barriers for her when preparing for her nude scene in “The Undoing.”

“Whether it’s my eyes, or my mouth, or my boobs or my vagina, my body is just another tool to express myself,” De Angelis said. “It’s still me. As long as the goal is to communicate something complex, then nakedness can be a powerful way to express and persuade.”

If there weren’t any barriers she had to overcome when preparing, does that mean she wasn’t nervous? I would be nervous if I had to stand nude in front of Kidman, or really anyone for that matter. Not to mention that the TV series has been seen by an ungodly amount of people at this point. That alone would make me nervous.

The show was amazing, so I’m glad De Angelis had an amazing time filming it.