TSA Officer Who Was In The ‘Right Place At The Right Time’ Saves A Man’s Life While On A Coffee Break

REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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An Orlando TSA officer on a coffee break administered CPR to an unconscious man, saving his life.

Officer Kenneth Ordenana was having his coffee break around 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 19 when he was alerted by a cleaning staff member that there was an unconscious man in the restroom, according to Fox News.

“My initial reaction was shock,” Ordenana said in an official statement from the TSA Monday. “Is this really happening? One-hundred thoughts raced through my mind not knowing what to expect while I was heading to the bathroom ready to dial 911 with my phone already in my hand.”

When Ordenana entered the restroom, he said the man wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse, prompting him to begin CPR. A Delta Air Lines employee who is a certified first responder began helping Ordenana revive the man. The duo practiced CPR for more than 10 minutes until paramedics arrived, according to the statement. (RELATED: ‘Nice Try’: TSA Finds Box Cutters Smuggled In A Shampoo Bottle)

“Life is precious,” Ordenana said. “Although I do not know this man, never met this man before, I had tremendous compassion and empathy for him. The only thing on my mind was I wanted him to get through this and for him to live.”

Ordenana praised the custodian, Delta Air Lines employee and the 911 dispatcher for working together.

“Every single minute counted. I am just grateful I was in the right place at the right time to do something about it,” Ordenana continued.

Orlando Deputy Federal Security Director Greg Hawko praised Ordenana’s life-saving actions.

“The man would not have made it the 10 minutes it took for additional help to arrive without [Officer] Ordenana’s actions. We are proud he is a member of Team MCO. His quick thinking and care of others, especially during the current environment of distancing, saved a man’s life.”