Pelosi Announces Members Of Congress Will Be Fined $5,000 If They Avoid New Metal Detectors

(Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that a new House rule will be implemented to impose a fine on members who do not comply with new security measures. 

Lawmakers will receive a fine of $5,000 for bypassing security, as multiple Republican members did this week. The fine will increase to $10,000 for a second offense, and the fines will be deducted from members’ salaries, according to an announcement from Pelosi’s office. 

“It is tragic that this step is necessary, but the Chamber of the People’s House must and will be safe,” Pelosi’s statement read. (RELATED: House Votes To Impeach President Trump For The Second Time)

The House installed new metal detectors Tuesday following the Capitol riot the previous week, in which supporters of President Donald Trump violently stormed congress. A number of Republican lawmakers, including Texas Reps. Chip Roy and Louie Gohmert, and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, refused to comply with the new measures, walking around the detectors and arguing with Capitol Police. 

“This is harassment. We need protection from the Speaker, not each other,” Gohmert said in a statement to the Daily Caller after the new security measures were implemented. 

“House Republicans have disrespected our heroes by verbally abusing them and refusing to adhere to basic precautions,” Pelosi’s statement added. The new rule mandating fines is slated to take effect on Jan. 21.