Inside The Capitol Rotunda Riot — What Actually Happened


Lisa Bennatan Contributor
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Daily Caller Chief Video Director Richard McGinniss who was inside the Capitol Rotunda on Jan. 6 during the riot, sat down with the Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan to describe what really happened.

McGinniss, who covered many riots across the country in 2020, was able to follow rioters all the way to the doors of the House chamber. Police eventually secured the House doors and sent the group of rioters back towards the Rotunda, McGinniss explained. It was there where McGinniss encountered a dangerous scene as police officers started pushing the large amount of protesters out of the Rotunda. (RELATED: Photos: The Political Symbols Of The Capitol Riot)

“The problem is, there’s maybe a 20 foot doorway that leads out of the Rotunda … all of the protesters that were forced out were bottle-necked at that door,” McGinniss explained.

McGinniss, caught in between police and rioters, remembered the two pleading with each other as they were shoved against one another:

“I can’t breathe,” one rioter said, according to McGinniss.

“I can’t breathe either,” a police officer responded.


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