Fox Hosts Criticize Democrats’ ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Police Responses To Protest Violence

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News hosts Lisa Kennedy and Tomi Lahren criticized Democrats on Friday for their ‘hypocrisy’ over police responses to violent protests.

While appearing on “Outnumbered” Lahren and Kennedy discussed how Democrats were “demonizing” the police prior to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, but now seem to have changed their tune. (RELATED: ‘Shut Up Or Else’: Tomi Lahren Says Big Tech’s Message To Conservatives Is Clear)

“We always have to be mindful of hypocrisy,” Kennedy began, “because, you know, the party that is coming into power across the spectrum is also the one who has been demonizing actively the police and calling to defund the police, and then you have a very heavy-handed response. Are we a little out of balance here?”

Kennedy was pointing to recent criticisms by Democrats that the police were not prepared for the riot and that the Capitol was under-manned for the number of people expected to protest that day, but they had previously criticized President Donald Trump for sending in federal agents to assist with the violence seen during protests over the death of George Floyd.

She was also alluding to previous arguments by Democrats that police around the country overreacted when responding to George Floyd protestors and that police departments needed to be defunded. New York City, for example, subsequently passed a budget that defunded the NYPD by $1 billion.

“Absolutely we are, and furthermore, I believe it was those on the left, and the Democrats, particularly in Portland and Seattle, that were criticizing President Trump for sending in federal agents because they couldn’t manage their own cities with weeks and months long riots, looting, burning, and of course sending the feds in was seen as an overreach and everyone was super upset about that, but now all of a sudden they love the military, they love law enforcement.”

Lahren went on to describe an instance that she was being chased by a “mob” of Black Lives Matter protestors and had to jump into a taxi cab to get away, but “the left didn’t seem to care about it then.” She also mentioned other “harassing” and “intimidating” behavior by protestors at the Women’s March that the left failed to stand up against.

“It’s amazing now, their response. They suddenly love law and order, and they suddenly love the military, and they suddenly love police,” Lahren finished by saying. “I just hope that it lasts. We have another BLM or Antifa riot, I hope that they have that same heart.”