‘Bulls**t, Bulls**t’: Fox News’ Larry Kudlow Caught On Hot Mic Cursing Over Kamala Harris’ Vaccine Distribution Claims

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Larry Kudlow, a Fox News contributor and soon-to-be host, began cursing live on-air Tuesday during a hot mic moment over Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent vaccine distribution claims.

Kudlow previously worked as former President Donald Trump’s top economic advisor. Fox News announced his addition as a contributor and Fox Business host in January, and Kudlow appeared on “America Reports” ahead of his show’s debut Tuesday.

Just before a commercial break, “America Reports” played a short clip of Harris claiming that the administration is “starting from scratch” regarding vaccine distributions for COVID-19. Her comments, made in an interview that aired Sunday with Axios founder Mike Allen, contradicted what Dr. Anthony Fauci said last month.

As the clip played, Kudlow could be heard repeatedly cursing.

“Bullshit, bullshit …” Kudlow said before the mic briefly appeared to cut out. “Unbelievable falsehoods.”


Fox News co-host Sandra Smith interjected quickly as Kudlow spoke in the background and confirmed that Kudlow had been speaking. Kudlow’s new show on Fox Business begins Tuesday at 4 p.m. (RELATED: ‘I Think We Lost Ken’: Things Get Super Awkward When MSNBC Correspondent Drops Live F-Bomb)

“And that is Larry Kudlow weighing in,” Smith said.

In January, Fauci assured Americans that the administration was not actually starting from scratch, saying during a press conference that “we certainly are not … because there is activity going on in the distribution.”

Despite Fauci’s past comments, Harris claimed during the Axios interview that the Biden administration’s vaccine rollout has been impeded by the Trump administration and said there was “no stockpile” of vaccines.