‘He’s Gonna Be Back’: Donald Trump Says He Has ‘No Doubt’ Tiger Woods Will Golf Again

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former President Donald Trump said Tuesday that even after a serious car accident, he believed golf legend Tiger Woods would play again.

Woods was involved in a single-vehicle rollover crash in the Los Angeles area — and the resulting injuries required surgery — but Trump told Fox News host Katie Pavlich that he expected to see another comeback from the golf great. (RELATED: Tiger Woods Showed No Immediate Signs Of Impairment After Roll-Over Car Crash, Deputies Say)


Pavlich began with a clip from the ceremony when Trump presented Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. “In that speech you also talked about how he is a comeback kid and how he has been able to overcome a number number of obstacles,” she said. “Maybe we’ll see him on the the golf course after this.”

“I hope so, he has overcome a lot, but he has had an incredible life and he is going to continue to have an incredible life,” Trump said, adding, “But now he will recover from this and it is pretty bad on the legs, I understand. And you know, he will figure a way. But he is a wonderful person. Aside from everything else, he is a wonderful person.”

Noting that the two had played golf together in the past, Pavlich asked Trump about their friendship.

“I’ve known him for a long time, and he was just always great to me and I have always felt the same with him I have always just liked him. You know? We had a good chemistry and always have and I am just you know, I’m a fan of his and as a golfer he is just incredible,” Trump replied.

“He was the fourth golfer to receive the Medal of Freedom,” Pavlich continued, going on to say that Woods had been talking about competing again despite the fact that he was still recovering from another back surgery.

“He is a very respected person. He is so respected by the other players, they idolize him, Trump said. “And he’s gonna be back. I have no doubt about it. He’s gonna be back.”

“He definitely has made comebacks before,” Pavlich agreed.

She concluded by asking what message Trump would like Woods to hear as he recovered from the accident, and the former president said simply, “All I’d say is get better and get out there, because we all miss him.”