‘Bachelor’ Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell Tells Fans To Stop Defending Her After She Was Accused Of Racism

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot People https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi4ciBkIxRY)

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“Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell told fans to stop defending her after she was accused of past racist behavior in a video shared Thursday on Instagram.

“Over the last few weeks, since I put my statement out, I’ve gotten a lot of messages,” Kirkconnell said in the video. “I’ve got a lot of people asking me, well, what have you done to change since then? And I’ve also had a lot of people message me saying that they aren’t understanding why people are so upset. But they want to, and they’ve asked for resources, which I think is great.” (RELATED: ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell Breaks Silence After Being Accused Of Racism)

“But then there’s also people messaging me saying ‘You know, you’ve done nothing wrong, don’t listen to people,'” Kirkconnell continued. “I think that the first big step in all of this is white people stepping up and taking accountability. Things will never change if we don’t all work together in working towards this racial progress and this unity that we want.”

Kirkconnell ended the video by requesting fans stop defending her.

“If you are in my comments or defending me anywhere telling people that I did nothing wrong, that there’s nothing to be hurt about, there’s nothing to be angry about or offended about, please stop,” she said.

Kirkconnell has been accused of engaging with racially insensitive content on social media and attending a plantation-themed party in college. Kirkconnell is a frontrunner on Matt James’ season.

Chris Harrison stepped down from his role as host of “Bachelor” after defending Kirkconnell to former “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay.

The franchise has previously dealt with fallout over former contestant Victoria F. after she posed wearing “White Lives Matter” apparel for a Marlins conservation group.