Megyn Kelly Calls Out NYT Contributor As ‘Idiotic,’ ‘Sexist’ For Slamming ‘Stay At Home Moms’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Megyn Kelly called out New York Times contributor Jill Filipovic as “idiotic,” sexist” and more for slamming “stay at home moms.”

“This is idiotic,” the former Fox News anchor tweeted Thursday to her millions of followers. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly: Meghan Markle ‘Covered Herself In Blood Diamonds’ While Claiming To Not Be Into The ‘Grandeur’ Of Being A Royal)

“Disgustingly judgmental,” she added. “Stay at home moms are setting a great example just like moms [working] outside the home as long as they’re loving [and] engaged. This sanctimonious guilt trip is sexist bullshit whether from a man or woman. Ladies, don’t listen to this moron.”

Kelly’s comments included a retweet from the opinion writer who tweeted that, she thinks “the issue of example-setting for a kid is a totally fair one. What example are you setting when dad works for pay and mom does the care work at home? Lots of reasons not to want to set that example for a child.” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly: Elizabeth Warren ‘Scored A Goal Against Herself’ With DNA Test)

Megyn followed-up her comments with a second post and said that “any woman trying to pit stay at home moms against moms working outside the home has no business calling herself a feminist – or covering gender for the NYT!!”

“Hey @JillFilipovic- you called Rush Limbaugh a woman-hater?” she added. “Look in the mirror.”

Filipovic’s tweet thread was lengthy and included statements like “Girls with working moms do better in school” and “Men with stay-at-home wives are less likely to promote [and] support women in their workplace.”