NBA Star Draymond Green Says He’s ‘Tired’ Of Hearing Female Athletes Complain About Money

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green cut loose with his thoughts on equal pay in sports.

Female athletes making less money has been all over the news recently thanks to Megan Rapinoe, and it’s a very simple situation to understand. If you don’t generate as much money as men, then you don’t get paid like men. As simple as it might be, a lot of people don’t get it, and Green is tired of hearing people just talk without presenting any actual plans. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The NBA star recently said the following in part about the situation in a video tweeted by Kylen Mills:

I’m really tired of seeing them complain about the lack of pay because they’re doing themselves a disservice by just complaining…They are. They’re not laying out steps that they can take to change that. So, it’s coming off as a complaint because the people that can change it, they are just going to continue to say, ‘Well, the revenue isn’t there. The revenue isn’t there. So if you don’t bring in the revenue, we can’t up your pay.’ They’re going to keep using that, but the reality is, as true as that is, it’s an excuse.

You can listen to his full comments below.

People damn sure aren’t going to like these comments! They aren’t going to like these comments at all, but he’s 100% correct.

Talking nonstop and complaining nonstop won’t get anything done. He at least has the guts to say it while most of the sports media and President Joe Biden want to act like some great disservice is being done.

I honestly have to stand and applaud Green. I’m not sure we’d agree on much if we had dinner to discuss politics, but he damn sure knows how to keep it real.

He said what many people are thinking but are too scared to actually vocalize.

I have proposed a very simple solution for all sports and it applies to all sexes at the pro and college level! You can survive on what you produce.

If the football team makes $100 million, then it gets to keep every penny. If the men’s soccer team loses money, then they’ll cease to exist.

It has nothing to do with sex. It has everything to do with money and basic economics. I just wish more people realized it.

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