‘Hail Lobster’: Jordan Peterson Jokes About Being Turned Into A ‘Magic Nazi’ By Marvel Comics


Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson joked about being turned into a “magic Nazi” by Marvel Comics after he learned that the ideology espoused by a villain in the comics was reportedly based on his ideas.

“Hail lobster,” Peterson jokingly tweeted out alongside a lobster-themed parody of the symbol representing Hydra, a fictional terrorist organization run by Captain America’s nemesis, Red Skull. Both Red Skull and Hydra were associated with the Nazis in the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Deepak Chopra is also a magic nazi,” Peterson also tweeted.

This comes after Peterson initially learned that Marvel Comics allegedly based certain ideologies that fuel Red Skull off of the principles that Peterson promotes. (RELATED: Jordan Peterson On The Media Obsession To Cast Him As Alt-Right)

A Twitter user shared Monday one of the pages from the 28th issue of the Captain America comic that was written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a prominent left-wing intellectual. On the page, Red Skull is seen discussing “Ten Rules of Life,” which could be interpreted as a reference to Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote To Chaos,” OpIndia reported.

“What the hell?” Peterson initially tweeted in response to the photo.

“Do I really live in a universe where Ta-Nehisi Coates has written a Captain America comic featuring a parody of my ideas as part of the philosophy of the arch villain Red Skull?” Peterson tweeted Tuesday. ”

Peterson rose to prominence due to his positions against political correctness and referring to white privilege as a “Marxist lie.”

Peterson, who was a psychology professor at Harvard University prior to teaching at the University of Toronto, has published 132 papers on the subject of psychology and has been cited about 15,000 times.

In January 2020, a professor from the University of Calgary reportedly told his students that if they cited Peterson in their papers he would fail them.

The University of Cambridge rescinded an invitation to have Peterson partake in a visiting fellowship at their campus in October 2019 after receiving backlash from several students and faculty, due to Peterson’s views.