Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Smith Comes Out As Polyamorous, Says She’d Only Date Two People At A Time

(Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for The Environmental Media Association)

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Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith revealed she is polyamorous during Wednesday’s episode of “Red Table Talk.”

“Red Table Talk,” hosted by Jada Pinkett-Smith, airs on Facebook Watch. Willow revealed her dating preferences to her mother and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

“Let’s say you haven’t always been the person wanting sex all the time, but your partner is. Are you going to be the person to say, ‘Just because I don’t have these needs, you can’t have them either?'” Willow told Pinkett-Smith and Banfield-Norris at the beginning of the episode, as noted by People magazine. (RELATED: Will Smith Reacts To Jada Pinkett-Smith And His Daughter Talking About Porn)

“That’s one of the reasons why I was interested in poly because I was introduced to it through kind of a nonsexual lens,” she continued. “In my friend group, I’m the only polyamorous person and I have the least sex out of all of my friends.”

Willow also claimed she isn’t interested in marriage due to its history.

“The history of marriage really irks me,” Willow told her family.

“Just the history of marriage as a whole and what it has represented over the years, for women in particular,” she continued. “I feel like the only way that I would get married is — let’s say me and my partner or partners wants to help people, and we need to put our finances together in order to make that vision happen.”

“That’s the only way I could see myself getting married,” Willow added.

The whole family has been open about their relationships on the show in the past. Pinkett-Smith has previously revealed she had a relationship with somebody else while she and Will were separated.