Some Navy SEALs Dressed Up Like This Just So They Could Talk To CBS About The Culture

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: CBS News)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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CBS News interviewed some Navy SEALs about the culture and they dressed up with sunglasses and whole face coverings to complain.

Reporter Catherine Herridge introduced the three SEALs, including one on active duty, for a sit down with the news agency on the condition the outlet change their voices and hide their identities. The piece, titled “Current and former U.S. Navy SEALs Say Fame From Killing Bin Laden Has Caused Divide In The Ranks,” marked the 10 year anniversary of the Navy SEALs killing Osama Bin Laden.



The three SEALs donned blue, grey and black jackets with hoods, and sunglasses and black masks that cover the bottom half of their faces. One SEAL wore a mask that covered his entire face. (RELATED: This Navy Seal Who Helped Kill Bin Laden Has An EXCLUSIVE Message For Daily Caller Patriots)

The three discussed what they called the “wrong” and “lawless” actions in the military branch. “We love the job,” one SEAL explained. “We love the community, but it has taken a wrong turn.”

Another claimed that the disguises were necessary because they “are risking a lot to be” interviewed, risking “careers” and possibly even their “safety.”

“There are three groups in the teams,” he added. “There’s a small group on one side that is evil. They’re lawless. There’s a small group on the other side that stands up to them. And then there’s a giant group in the middle that cowardly stays out of it, and they watch the evil guys railroad the good guys.”