‘You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig And It’s Still A Pig’: DeSantis Promises To End Critical Race Theory In Schools

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis denounced Critical Race Theory (CRT) at a press conference Friday.

DeSantis said CRT needs to be addressed by the Florida Board of Education at a press conference in Pensacola he held to announce a series of tax breaks for consumers. The governor said that it is offensive to the taxpayers to fund a program that teaches children to hate each other and their country.

“You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig,” DeSantis said about CRT. “It’s offensive to the taxpayer that they would be asked to fund critical race theory, that they would be asked to fund teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other,” DeSantis said.

CRT teaches students that race is socially constructed and that racism is embedded within American institutions and public policy, according to the American Bar Association. CRT is based on false history that is disputed by historians, DeSantis said. (RELATED: ‘A Bunch Of Horse Manure’: Gov. DeSantis Says Critical Race Theory Is A ‘Harmful Ideology’)

“It’s also based on false history when they try to look back and denigrate the founding fathers, denigrate the American revolution, doing all these different thing that even very liberal historians say is not supported by the facts.”

DeSantis said that civics and the Constitution need to be a part of the curriculum and that accurate history needs to be taught. He said the state of Florida will play “whack-a-mole” to prevent CRT from being a part of a child’s education.

“It [the school curriculum] needs to be taught in a fact-based way, not in an ideological based way. If we have to play whack-a- mole all over this state stopping this CRT, we will do it,” he said. “We will be taking action, don’t worry.”

The governor banned CRT from Florida schools and announced that his administration will spend $106 million to fund civics education titled the Florida Civic Seal of Excellence in March. Teachers are promised to earn a $3,000 bonus for completing the training, according to WTXL.

The Florida Board of Education plans to meet on June 10 where CRT will be addressed, WTXL reported.