Human Smugglers Traffic Venezuelan Migrants In Del Rio Sector

Daily Caller Jorge Ventura

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura is on the ground in Del Rio, Texas covering the humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

Border patrol agents have encountered over 68,000 migrants between October and March in Del Rio, one of the busiest sectors on the southern border.

The majority of migrants coming to the southern border are from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, but migrants from South America are also making the trip. The Del Rio sector has seen an influx of Venezuelan migrants crossing the Rio Grande River onto U.S. soil since the beginning of 2021.

On Tuesday, Texas State Troopers encountered a group of over 90 migrants crossing the Rio Grande River and turning themselves in to border patrol officials. Migrants can be seen holding each other’s hands and carrying their belongings with them as they make their walk through the river. As the migrants approach the Texas land, state troopers help the mothers with their babies and small children.

Once on land, Venezuelan migrants kneel and pray to the sky with tears of joy.

The next day, state troopers encountered a group of over 50 Venezuelan migrants crossing the Rio Grande River. Human smugglers can be seen on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River, guiding the migrants as they make their way across the water.

The Daily Caller captured video of a Venezuelan migrant crossing the Rio Grande River holding an elderly woman who was nearly unconscious. (RELATED : Border Crisis Continues: Large Group Of Venezuelan Migrants Crosses Into Texas Illegally)

When they reached the Texas side border, patrol agents immediately escorted them and provided the woman with medical attention.

A migrant that spoke with the Daily Caller said that socialism was the cause of him leaving his country. He also added that socialism destroyed the middle class in Venezuela.

“We left to be on our own to deal with it,” said Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez on the migrant crisis impacting his local law enforcement resources.


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