Meghan McCain Blasts CNN Over Toobin: ‘You Can Do Absolutely ANYTHING At CNN And Not Be Fired’ If You’re ‘Liberal’


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain put CNN on blast over bringing back its legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin after he was fired at the New Yorker for masturbating in front of his colleagues while on Zoom. Toobin said he did not know that his camera was on during the time in question.

“You can do absolutely ANYTHING at CNN and not be fired if you’re liberal enough,” McCain tweeted to her hundreds of thousands of followers Thursday. (RELATED: ‘He Provided A Public Service’: Joy Behar Thanks Jeffrey Toobin For Distracting From Trump)

“Again, this is garbage – zoom dick,” she said, before deleting the post. (RELATED: ‘My Ancestors Fought In The American Revolution’: Meghan McCain Speaks Out On Meghan Markle Interview As ‘#AbolishTheMonarchy’ Trends)

Meghan_McCain Toobin Photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Public-User: Meghan McCain/Katie Jerkovich)

Meghan_McCain Toobin (Photo: Twitter/Screenshot by Daily Caller/Public-User: Meghan McCain)

“The View” co-host’s original post included a screenshot from Toobin’s appearance on the network explaining what happened, saying he “wasn’t thinking very well or very much” at the time.


After McCain deleted her first post, she tweeted a second one with the same piece and called it “garbage.”

“This is garbage,” Meghan wrote. “Why does the media protect these old white male dinosaurs in this industry? No woman on PLANET EARTH would be welcomed back on network tv after being caught masturbating in front of her colleagues.”

“What does working at a food bank have to do with this?” she added, noting how the CNN analyst said he had done some “public service” and worked “in a food bank” since.

The former Fox News co-host wasn’t the only journalist and political commentator who caught the interview and commented about Toobin’s return.