‘Disgusting’: Caitlyn Jenner Says Jimmy Kimmel Gets Pass From ‘Woke’ Over ‘Racist’ And ‘Vile’ Treatment Of Women

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Caitlyn Jenner said ABC host Jimmy Kimmel gets a pass from the “woke” when it comes to “racist” past actions and “vile” treatment of women in the early days of his career.

“Last night @jimmykimmel called me Donald Trump with a wig,” Jenner tweeted to her followers, referencing the TV host’s monologue during Thursday night’s “The Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show. (RELATED: ‘Ignorant A-Hole’: Jimmy Kimmel Rails Against Caitlyn Jenner Following Hannity Interview On CA Homeless Population)

“He obviously believes that trans women are simply men with wigs on,” she added. “Where is the outrage from the left or LGBT community? Being WOKE must be optional if you are a Democrat.” (RELATED: Caitlyn Jenner Officially Files Paperwork To Run For California Governor)

Here’s the clip. The comments happen at the 6:00 minute mark.(RELATED: REPORT: Members Of Caitlyn Jenner’s Family ‘Embarrassed’ By Governor Run)


The California gubernatorial candidate followed up her first post with a tweet about when Kimmel donned blackface for sketches on “The Man Show” about black celebrities.

“Speaking of @jimmykimmel he also received a pass from the WOKE on his use of black face and racist actions,” Jenner shared. “Hypocrite.”

He has since come out and apologized for it and took a hiatus from his show last summer after it had resurfaced on social media.

The retired Olympic Gold medalist then pulled out a screenshot of when the comedian was on “The Man Show” in the early days of his career for a sketch titled, “Guess what’s in my pants?” In the bit, he puts something in his pants and then asks women to touch his pants on the outside to determine what it is.

“Also @jimmykimmel got a pass from the WOKE while he asked women to fondle him in public,” Caitlyn tweeted. “His treatment of women is wrong. Disgusting. Vile.”

The old sketch can be seen here.