YouTube Censors Video Of Uber Driver Assaulted In His Car

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Jorge Ventura Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura sat down with Vincent Kang, an Uber driver who was assaulted by a mob in early May, and whose video of the assault has been censored by YouTube, despite other violent videos remaining untouched.

Kang was assaulted May 9 in Morgantown, West Virginia, while waiting for his passengers. He got caught in the middle of a street fight between two groups of people and was repeatedly beaten while buckled into his seat.

Kang created a GoFundMe to help pay damages to his vehicle and medical expenses for his injuries, uploading the video of the assault to YouTube for proof.

YouTube took down Kang’s video due to “graphic content” and it is now listed as private. While Kang’s video has been removed, videos with similar or greater levels of violence continue to be live on YouTube. The same video is still up on Kang’s Twitter account. (RELATED : Bizarre Altercation Breaks Out In A Las Vegas Casino In Viral Video)

“I wasn’t able to sleep for several days,” Kang told the Daily Caller. Uber eventually helped pay for the damages to his vehicle but only after pressure from the media, according to Kang.

Kang also said he believes the assault could of been avoided if more police officers were patrolling the streets of Morgantown. The city is currently having trouble hiring police officers after a reduction in staff.


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