‘If I Was The Last Person On Earth’: Tucker Carlson On Running For President

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson made it pretty clear he had no plans to ever run for president, saying maybe if he was the “last person on earth.”

“Oh God, come on!” the former co-founder of The Daily Caller and current host of “The Tucker Carlson Tonight” show shared during his appearance on the podcast “Ruthless.” The comments were noted by The Hill in a piece published Monday. (RELATED: ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Keeps Fox News Ahead Of Competition In May)

“Yeah. I’ll be running,” he added facetiously. “That seems like a fun job. I’m sure my poor children would love that. Can you imagine?”

“I’ve known and talked to every president, you know, for a while, for like more than 30 years,” Carlson continued. “And you know, I can’t think of anyone whose life was improved by that. I mean, I guess if like I was the last person on earth, I could do it, but I mean, it seems pretty unlikely that I would be that guy. (RELATED: Alyssa Milano Calls Out Mob That Descended On Tucker Carlson’s Home: ‘This Is Not Ok’)

In July 2020, Politico said several political strategists and leading Republicans told them the 2024 nominee was the Fox News host’s if he wanted it.

“He’s a talented communicator with a massive platform,” Luke Thompson, a Republican strategist who worked for Jeb Bush’s super PAC in 2016 shared. “I think if he runs he’d be formidable.”

“Let me put it this way: If Biden wins and Tucker decided to run, he’d be the nominee,” Sam Nunberg, a former top political aide to Trump who knows Tucker shared.

“Tucker Carlson will be the Republican nominee,” Vernon Robinson told The Independent in September. “And he will solidify America First… If I have anything to do about it, I will try to create a draft committee to make sure there are shock troops organized.”

“He’s a television personality which means he has a lot of people who like his show and watch it but they’re not organized on the ground, and we have over 39,000 volunteers who did 900 events in the run-up to getting Dr. Carson to run and also raised a bunch of money…” he added. “We’re not in the crystal ball business, we’re in the ‘changing objective reality on the ground’ business, and it looks like some of that reality is changing.”