Trey Yingst: Taliban Propaganda Will Declare Victory Over ‘Americans Who Were In Afghanistan For 20 Years’


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Fox News’ foreign correspondent Trey Yingst warned Sunday of the possibility that the Taliban propaganda may use its takeover of the country to proclaim themselves victorious in the war against the U.S.

“It really gets to the core of what is next,” Yingst said Sunday, following the advancement of the militant group into the capital city of Kabul after president Ashraf Ghani had fled.

“And that is an immense propaganda campaign by the Taliban, who will first declare victory over the Afghan security forces, the Afghan government, and the Americans who were in Afghanistan for 20 years,” Yingst added.

The Fox News correspondent then went on to remind that Kabul and the U.S. embassy compound will be fully under control of the Taliban on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and the propaganda may be “nothing short of chilling.” (RELATED: ‘Do Not Come’: US Embassy In Afghanistan Reportedly Tells Americans To Remain In Place Before Removing Warnings)

As of Sunday, The Taliban were reportedly planning to declare the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” the country’s pre-2001 name, at the presidential palace in the capital city of Kabul, an official from the group said to The Associated Press.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that U.S. personnel were in the process of being evacuated from the embassy and taken to the airport earlier Sunday, according to Yahoo News.

The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan reportedly issued a warning to U.S. citizens Sunday, instructing them to “shelter in place” and avoid going to the airport — which has been closed to commercial flights due to mass evacuations of military personnel — and Kabul.