‘Let Them Eat Hydro-chloroquine’: Brianna Keilar Mocks Greg Abbott For Fighting Mask Mandates Despite Getting COVID


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN anchor Brianna Keilar mocked Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for continuing to fight against mask mandates despite testing positive for COVID-19.

Keilar and co-anchor John Berman mentioned the news that Abbott had tested positive for COVID-19— and was pursuing the same antibody treatment that former President Donald Trump had received. (RELATED: CNN Host Claims Conservatives Have ‘No Facts’ To Show Migrants Are Spreading COVID-19)


“So as we mentioned Texas governor Greg Abbott who has banned mask mandates in Texas schools, who said that local governments and school boards cannot make their own decisions about mask requirements in schools, he’s tested positive now for COVID,” Berman began, noting that Abbott had been fully vaccinated and would be receiving antibody treatment.

“But look at this video shared by his campaign on Twitter. It shows Abbott in a packed room for a party on Monday night, no mask on,” Berman said, adding that everyone who was in close contact with Abbott had reportedly been notified and that the governor had not experienced any symptoms.

“Yet to see that picture from the night before in a crowded room, no mask, it does create a sense of political irony,” he continued.

“Yeah. Well, look, you don’t wish COVID on anybody,” Atlantic senior editor Ron Brownstein replied, agreeing that it was a bit ironic for the announcement to come on the same day that Republicans pushed the Texas State Supreme Court to ban mask mandates in schools.

“While he is getting the best care, the county executive, the county judge in Dallas, announced the other day that they were literally no pediatric ICU beds left in north Texas, even as they are opening the schools and he is attempting to ban them from requiring masks,” Brownstein added.

“Yeah. It’s very let them eat hydro-chloroquine because he’s getting antibodies generally for people who have symptoms and it’s not easy to get,” Keilar interjected. “It’s available but not widely available. And so there’s this disconnect. And I wonder, Ron, if — look, hopefully, there are no problems health-wise for the governor.”