Chris Cuomo Accuser: Women At CNN ‘Can’t Complain,’ It’s Clear ‘Cuomo Can Do Anything He Wants With Impunity’

(Photo Credit: YOuTube/Screenshot/Public-User: The Megyn Kelly Show)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Chris Cuomo accuser and former ABC executive producer Shelley Ross said Monday women at CNN “can’t complain” and that it’s clear “Cuomo can do anything he wants with impunity.”

During Ross’ interview with Megyn Kelly on the Sirius XM radio show “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Ross said Cuomo’s comment to the New York Times about her allegation that Cuomo groped her amounted to “gaslighting.” She slammed him for calling the incident an “interaction” and claiming that it “was not of a sexual nature.”

“There was never ‘our interaction,'” the former ABC executive explained. “He’s already gaslighting everybody in that response. I was not a participant. He walked into a room and grabbed me. This is not our interaction.” (RELATED: ‘Don’t Jerk Off In The Middle Of A Work Call’: Megyn Kelly And NY Writer Go Head To Head Over Toobin Firing)


Ross also slammed the network for not covering her sexual harassment allegation against its anchor, noting CNN’s Brian Stelter hadn’t covered the story at all, despite the fact his beat is media. (RELATED: Clay Travis Calls Out CNN For ‘Masturbating’ Jeffrey Toobin After Banning Travis For The Word ‘Boobs’)

It starts at the 41:41 minute mark.


“He’s [Brian Stelter] said nothing about it,” Shelley said. “And Brian Stelter knows me, he knows the position of authority I held at multiple networks.”

She said Stelter “lost his moral authority to quote on what other networks chose to cover and don’t cover.”

When Kelly pressed her further about what she thought women at CNN might be thinking if there were other women who have may have had trouble with Cuomo. She asked Ross if women would be able to complain “when they have a management that doesn’t seem too interested in pushing back on this behavior.”

“They can’t complain because the person in charge has made it clear that Chris Cuomo can do anything he wants with impunity,” Ross replied, noting how Cuomo previously admitted to advising his brother, former Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, following allegations of sexual harassment against him, calling Chris Andrew’s “enabler.”


In the interview, Kelly later accused CNN of “sicking” Cuomo on women, saying CNN had failed to “reconcile with the reality of the man they have sitting in the anchor chair at 9 p.m.”


“Instead they have sicked him on women, on his staff and within the organization who are now one by one coming out talking about his bully behavior,” she added.