Fox News Panel Mocks Twitter’s ‘Heated Conversation’ Warning: ‘It’s Like When Playboy Stopped Showing Boobies’

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Sergie Daez Contributor
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A Fox News panel on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five” mocked a new Twitter feature designed to warn users when they are about to enter “heated conversations.”

The feature, which was still undergoing testing by Twitter, was supposed to promote “healthy conversations.”

The Five panelist and Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery thought that Twitter made the wrong move.

“It’s like when Playboy stopped showing boobies. It’s a really bad marketing strategy,” Kennedy told her fellow hosts before embarking on a discussion on whether or not Playboy showed nudity. (RELATED: Madonna Lifts Up Skirt, Flashes Audience On ‘Tonight Show’)

“They stopped,” Kennedy said. “They were like, we really just want to be about the articles for real. I know men have been saying that for a long time. And like, when Tumblr was like, no, we’re done with porn. No one uses Tumblr anymore. It’s like, that’s what people go to Twitter for. They go because it’s abusive, it’s filthy.”

Cohost Greg Gutfeld also criticized the new feature.

“Twitter should be focusing on Twitter trends, right?” Gutfeld said. “Because Twitter trends collates the irrational mob attacks into a table of contents. So you go on, you look, oh look, Kenny Loggins is trending! And you go, you find out, oh my God, he did something. Twitter trends is one of the most destructive things in social media because it directs people to somebody who is in hot water. And everybody likes to go watch the frog boil in that bucket of hate.”