Bear Walks Into 7-Eleven For Late-Night Snack, Gets Sprayed With Hand Sanitizer


Kevin Harness Contributor
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A TikTok video showing a bear walking into a 7-Eleven in California looking for a late-night snack and getting sprayed with hand sanitizer was posted by an employee Saturday.

Rachelle Ducusin, a 7-Eleven employee and the person who posted the video, screamed at the bear as it opened the door and walked into the store to look for a snack, The News & Observer reported. (RELATED: Gigantic Bear Goes Fishing In Awesome Video)


@fmunna83pkLast night enter the store…. ##bearworld ##squawvalley ##truckee ##nature ##foryou♬ original sound – Fanu

People on TikTok jokingly commented on the video, saying, “He just wanted a Slurpee.” Even the 7-Eleven account on TikTok commented, “He wants a blue raspBEARy Slurpee,” according to The News & Observer.

When the bear walked into the store, it triggered the hand sanitizer dispenser with its nose and the dispenser sprayed it but the bear seemed unfazed. “At least he sanitized. Twice,” one of the commenters said, according to the outlet.

Ducusin had also mentioned that the bear charged her twice outside the store while she was trying to scare it off from rummaging through the garbage cans, The News & Observer reported.

@fmunna83pkNow black bear more fast and clever. ##beareorld ##foryou ##bears ##squawvalley ##nature♬ original sound – Fanu

Emergency officials came to scare the bear off by shooting it with rubber bullets, according to The News & Observer.