Bill Maher Slams Liberal Media For Ignoring Hunter Biden Laptop Right To Cuomo’s Face


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Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher appeared on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” on Wednesday night to discuss the political polarization of America and took a shot at liberal media for failing to adequately cover scandals revealed by Hunter Biden’s laptop.

During a discussion about the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump, Maher told host Chris Cuomo that Trump “talks to people in a way that doesn’t sound like a politician” and that Americans “were choking on — and still are, political correctness … and it’s only gotten worse.”

Maher went on to say that “he never backs down. Even when he’s completely wrong, and done something horrible. But in a world where everyone is always apologizing for everything, that comes off as refreshing.”

Cuomo then argued Trump supporters believe that “political insiders in the media made up” a lot of things about the former president. “They don’t watch us or read us so they don’t know what the proof is behind it and his people, his outlets don’t talk about it.”

“Some of it, yes.” Maher replied, before pointing out, “Something like Hunter Biden. I mean, if Don, Jr. had done what Hunter Biden had done, it would be every night, all night on MSNBC.”

“That’s the problem with America,” he continued, “everything is so binary.”


Scandals surrounding Hunter Biden have not been scarce even before the 2020 Presidential election.  In October 2020, the New York Post was suspended on Twitter for publishing a story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop that many liberal outlets dismissed at the time as “misinformation.” (RELATED: New York Times Quietly Updates Report After Calling Hunter Biden Laptop Story ‘Unsubstantiated’)

Information from Biden’s laptop not only revealed apparent drug use, but also showed that Biden used his father’s political position for financial gain. Emails on the hard drive reveal how Hunter tried to leverage his father’s actions as vice president in 2014 to show he was “adding value” to Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy firm where he served as a director.

Another email shows that Biden referred to his father and an employee of a Chinese energy firm, CEFC China Energy, as “office mates” at an office he rented in 2017. CEFC China Energy paid Biden approximately $6 million from August 2017 to September 2018 for consulting and legal services according to a Senate report. (RELATED: Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Created Counterintelligence And Extortion Concerns’, Senate Report Says) 

Maher’s appearance on Cuomo’s show is not the first time he has warned against political polarization, and he has been increasingly critical of the left-wing of the Democratic Party. His criticisms of the left have earned him some conservative fans, as well.

Earlier in November, he lashed out at Generation Z, stating that they “always claim to be more concerned about climate change than other generations, but they don’t act like it.” Maher has also been critical of cancel culture, recently defending comedian Dave Chappelle against the backlash he received for his Netflix special “The Closer.”