Jeffrey Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell Pictured Lounging At Queen Elizabeth’s Estate

(Credit: Southern District New York)

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A photo showing convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged co-conspirator and longtime romantic partner Ghislaine Maxwell at what appears to be Queen Elizabeth II’s log cabin has been presented to the trial jury.

The photo, believed to be taken around 1999 at the Queen’s Balmoral residence in Scotland, was shown at Maxwell’s trial as part of visual evidence for her and Epstein being “partners in crime,” according to BBC.

The picture shows Maxwell sitting alongside Epstein, partially leaning on him, while her arm rests on the late alleged sex trafficker’s lap. (RELATED: Ghislaine Topless, Creepy Massage Room: Never-Before-Seen Photos Offer Rare Look Inside Epstein’s Infamous Lairs)

Members of the British royal family, including the Queen, have been frequently photographed over the years at what appears to be the exact same location, BBC reported.

The image was reportedly found in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and is thought to be made during the couple’s visit to the Scottish estate on Prince Andrew’s invitation, according to BBC.

Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., Epstein’s longtime pilot, claimed in late November that he flew multiple high-profile people, among whom was Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II’s third child, on his boss’s private plane.